A Month Ahead

I’m a month ahead of myself. I woke up on December 1 and made a resolution for the coming year to go ahead with a plan I’d been considering for a while. I know New Year’s is a month away—and resolutions are made to be broken—but I feel good knowing that I’m now willing and able to move in an exciting direction.

My resolution wasn’t actually my first thought upon waking. My first thought was, “Yippee, my daughter and son-in-law are moving into their new house today!” Then I remembered that I had to help them move. Eeek. But then I remembered that I’d finally get to see the inside of the house and THAT felt like opening a great big Christmas present.

The new house had come about because of trees. Since my daughter and son-in-law had bought their first house a couple years earlier, they’d done a lot of work painting, removing wallpaper and paneling, landscaping, and opening up spaces for more light and better flow. They updated a 1960s ranch-style house to a home that was comfortable today.

But then there was the problem of the trees in the backyard that needed pruning. Or removing. And what to do about it.

Tree work is expensive and the trees did offer privacy, but they also shaded any possibility of a vegetable garden in the backyard. And that realization led to some soul-searching—was this really the right house, the house where my daughter and her husband could put down roots?

The answer was no, so they put the house on the market and with all their improvements, it sold quickly. Then they found their dream house, about which they had a clearer idea at this more mature stage of their lives (or at least as clear as one can be in one’s late twenties). And so on December 1, we moved them.

And that’s the day I made my New Year’s resolution a month early toward another change in my own life. Is it a coincidence? Probably not. Sometimes, we have to look at our lives and make decisions that won’t be easy, but will get us where we want to go. At 51, it feels good to be implementing plans for my own more mature stage and to have greater clarity about what I should be doing and what I want to do in the coming years.

And the trees? They’re still standing.



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2 responses to “A Month Ahead

  1. Lorna

    Exciting things Kayann, are you going to share your resolution? Where is their new home?

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