My 53rd in the Rockies

Good advice for a 53rd birthday

Robin Chocolates from Longmont are a great start to more wagging!

Long's Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park

Cleaning up pine beetle kill along the road

Destination: Alberta Falls

Snowy trail--beautiful day

An Oregon hiker in shorts

A small tree dead from pine beetle kill

Cliff at the lower end of Alberta Falls

Before the wind really picked up

Most of the falls were under snow and ice but we could hear the stream as we hiked

Chocolate turtles in their natural environment

A pine squirrel wants to join us for lunch but is told "No feeding the wildlife!"

Same goes for the gray jay

The blue of the Stellar's Jay is startling in the subalpine forest

We were glad to see snow in the mountains; we haven't had any on the Front Range this month, which is quite unusual and a little ominous

Snow trail-packed across a bridge

Bear Lake is just above Alberta Falls

Despite the snow, the winter's been warm enough to warrant this sign--which a teenager had to test for herself

The view from Bear Lake of Hallett Peak on the left and Flattop mountain on the right.

A favorite of the locals near the YMCA camp and a delicious place for a birthday dinner

Heading through Estes on our way home, a quiet morning before the tourists head back up in a month or so.

. . . and get to the mountains when you can!



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5 responses to “My 53rd in the Rockies

  1. It is so nice to see the Park again, I’ve often said it is my church. Happy Birthday. Can’t wait to see you. May18th at the farm.

  2. Deirdre

    Happy late Birthday! Looks like you both had a wonderful day- brrr – looking at those bare knees! I think your “grey” squirrel might be a “pine” squirrel.

  3. johnmmartin

    Oregon hiker beside state tree of Oregon and Oregon state flower – all happy to share a prime birthday with you.

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