Almost Solstice, Almost Snow

Last night, the first snow fell at the farm since October. We got almost a couple inches, but it’s a pretty dry snow that isn’t going to leave much moisture behind. Still, we’ll take it.


Besides the moisture, I wanted a little more snow for a picture today of the tree line along our Rough and Ready ditch. I found another of my old postcards, one that always reminds me of the farm this time of year. I thought I’d get a shot in the snow to compare them but, as you can see, the postcard scene is much snowier.


I like the two figures walking out in the snow. Maybe they were looking for the great-horned owl like I was yesterday at twilight after hearing it hoot in the trees on the other side of the Rough and Ready. I walked across the wooden bridge to the flowers and found the owl in a willow along the Highland Ditch above the garden. It saw me, too, and flew away in a high-winged flap more like shirking my company than escaping any danger I might present.

I was walking out to give the chickens some scraps and check on John, who has started the granary renovation project. His better-than-farmpentry skills come in handy for adding a front porch to the building. Eventually, it will have two doors, one for each room that we hope will house writers and others.


The sun’s coming out now, so we’ll have a couple light hours before the almost-solstice sunset. In previous years, I could hardly wait to turn around the shortening daylight, but this year, I’m not in a hurry. On these brief days, the light seems all the more a gift, a good reason to celebrate this ancient holiday along with all the others.


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6 responses to “Almost Solstice, Almost Snow

  1. Always love to read your blog Kayann. Merry Solstice. Saw a pair of Bluebirds two days ago. …No snow here but some in the Catskills 40 miles away across the valley. Hugs to you and John

  2. Beautiful! Happy snow.

  3. It is raining here in Seatle as I make make my way home. Maybe I will bring the moisture with me. It is the busiest travel day of the year. The quiet of the farm looks soothing.

  4. johnmmartin

    Still farmpentry; almost carpentry. Glad you’re happy with it.

  5. Hello Kayann, Beautiful thoughts. xx00mary

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