A Turn to Spring

No deep thoughts today, and no time to compose them if I did. Instead, a few pictures to document the farm’s turn from a long winter to a slow spring. With opening day this Saturday, we’re happy to see rain instead of snow. Thunder’s rolling as I write. Soon, raindrops will fall.

Six days ago, our yard was covered in snow.


Today, a freshly tilled field awaits planting.


The wild plums are beginning to bud. Nothing smells like spring as wild plum blossoms along the ditches.


We lost many of our daffodils to snow; the more colorful varieties bloom later and survived.


A peony unfurls like a tropical flower.


A certain sign of spring is a greenhouse full of tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.


The snow gone, John mowed the yard this morning with my Grandpa Short’s push mower.


And now, the rain begins.


Filed under ecobiography, sustainable agriculture

5 responses to “A Turn to Spring

  1. Document, indeed. It looks as though it has finally arrived.

  2. It is amazing how fast it dries out and that John was able to plow so soon after all that snow. I will see you in 11 days ( :

  3. johnmmartin

    Amazing. Never seen it so white here nor so green.

    The rain right now is lovely.

  4. Your beautiful pictures made me homesick to see Stonybridge Farm. Love, Mary

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