Kayann Short, Ph.D., is a writer, farmer, teacher, and activist at Stonebridge Farm, an organic CSA farm in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Her award-winning book, A Bushel’s Worth: An Ecobiography, is a memoir of reunion with her family’s farming past and a call for farmland preservation today.

Pearlmoonplenty is Kayann’s blog about farming, writing, reading, food, and feminism today. Contact Kayann for workshops or to book a writer’s retreat in her renovated Stonebridge granary!

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  1. I just came from http://thecalloftheland.wordpress.com where you posted about seeking GMO-Free status for rental land. http://labelgmos.org is for a CA label law initiative. When it blooms into debate, it will cause more people to care because they’ll be thinking of how they will vote. They should back you- so you all preserve your soil because the new commodity will be “clean” seeds. This ballot measure won’t be quiet like ours was in 2002 in Oregon and won’t be stomped from money. The campaign leader answers emails if you’re interested. She’s connected to several counties in CA that are completely GE free. But what I see your motion doing is retaining value of soil. That is something people should easily see from all sides of debate is that people are starting to want food grown with less or no chemicals, and RoundUp is bad for soil, and it takes years to recover once GMOs are used there to let anything else grow on the land. We know about transition farming to Organic but this is going to be more picky and a wider market. the cleaner the better. there should be limits on zoned for GE or GE-Free just like how, due to toxicity, you can’t build gas stations on every corner- you have to usually replace the ones that go out of business and keep using the same land- because once it is built, its very hard and expensive to clean the site up for other uses. Don’t let clean land be ruined the year before consumers get really into this and the market skyrockets. Instead, let them investigate what non-GMO soy, etc. is going to be worth soon and save the seeds to sell. Do you agree? 🙂

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