Still Winter


Making no claims to poetry, here’s a piece I started in 2009 and found again a couple weeks ago. Given 70 degree temperatures and wildfires on the Front Range earlier in the week, it’s a relief to find February can still be winter.


Still Winter

Still winter

Nothing moves except

White breath across the sky.

No body

Disturbs the silence

Of sun in stasis

Refracting fragile light.

And still

The winter comes

Crowding spring

Delaying warmth

Despite the lengthening days.

Until the equinox

Tilts northward

The forecast is the same:

Still winter

And still the cold remains.



Filed under ecobiography

4 responses to “Still Winter

  1. Cowell,Pattie

    Thanks, Kayann. It seems so important in these turbulent times to remember the times of stillness and recurrence that ground our actions and our balance.


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  2. John Martin

    That’s very nice: still winter, still firewood, still scraping, still resting.

  3. I have never had the patience to search for just the right word. I admire poets. Thank you for a lovely description of the stillness of winter.

  4. Gayle McArthur

    Thank you;)!

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